Parts of Research Statement

Actually research statement is kind of academic job applications which includes accomplishments, current work and future direction.

The statement can discuss specific issues such as:

  1. Funding history and potential
  2. Essential need for laboratory equipments and lab area
  3. Potential research and industrial collaborations
  4. How your research contributes to your field
  5. Future direction of your research

The research statement is a kind of strongest research statements present a readable, compelling, and realistic research agenda that applicable to needs, facilities, and goals of the department.

Research statements can be weakened by:

  1. Overly ambitious proposals
  2. Lack of clear direction
  3. Lack of big-picture focus
  4. lack of awareness about the needs and facilities of department or position

Why a Research Statement?

  • It express a logical flow of your research and also shows that it is unique, valuable and easily implement on society for future benefits.
  • It is combination of achievements of your current work.
  • It helps to committees about judgement of candidate.
  • It express your areas of speciality and experience
  • It express your capabilities to go for research funding
  • It express your academic strength and ability to do something better
  • It shows that how compatible you are with your department or school of learning
  • It shows your ability to think as scholars or a scientist

Formatting of Research Statements

To encourage people to read it:

  • convert it in 2 pages
  • use informative section headings and subheadings
  • use bullets
  • use an easily readable font size
  • make the margins a reasonable size

Organisation of Research Statements

Write an essay that lays out:

  • It express about main theme, importance and specific skills that is already used as problem solving criteria.
  • It's a discussion about future perspective of your research. This section must be overwhelm to all people.
  • A final paragraph gives you clear picture about your research.

Writing Research Statements


  • Write as expressive, short paragraph and focused about a particular thing.
  • Keep it in suggested character of summary level.
  • Make sure that before showing your matter to committee members your matter must be error free format.


  • It shows information that is unique as compare to others.
  • What excites you about your research? Sound fresh.
  • Include first impressions of result and express how to get it be done.
  • Focused on that faculty that may be a part of your future partners.
  • Acknowledge the work of others.
  • Use that kind of language which shows that you are not a dependent researcher
  • BUT focus on your research work, not yourself.
  • Include potential funding partners and industrial collaborations. Be creative!
  • Provide a summary of your research.
  • Put in background matter that shows its relevance.
  • List major findings, outcomes, and implications.
  • Shows list of major issues, its outcomes and implementation over society.
  • Describe both current and planned (future) outcomes and research.

Describe Your Future Goals or Research Plans

  • The problem’s relevance and significance to the field.
  • Your specific goals for upcoming 3–5yrs.
  • If you are aware about any agency , you can put name in your research proposal.
  • Explain your goals so that if out of two one are is not get funded then other area or research will be in funding mode.

Identify Potential Funding Sources

  • Try some appropriate agencies or sources that helps you in funding.
  • Mention your past funding , if any

Be Realistic

Consider Also Preparing a Longer Version

  • Be prepared for your interview , your examiners may ask to express your research plan
  • Also include those laboratory items that are essential for your research.

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